Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"View to Nowhere" provisional title for Collage 4

After struggling with collage backgrounds on a couple of different bases I came away from the studio and sat down to read an art magazine article that talked about grids. Somehow that seemed to inspire me so back I went and created this collage in about an hour- what I had in mind at the time was the situation of sweatshop workers! It's a bit rough and ready so I'm not sure if I'll leave it as is. I used the hair dryer rather viciously to dry between gluing/painting so it is a wee bit lumpy. Maybe I'll put in in a press - perhaps one along the lines of Denise'shttp://lostvoice.blogspot.com/ .


Ally said...

And you're still going! very inspiring.
Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog, it's taken on a life of it's own and i'm finding it incredibly cathartic.
I'd love to catch up with you properly once i move, I see your a what the bleep fan too :)
We should have plenty to talk about

c4cara said...

AhA! So you have got your blog running. It looks good, and your collages are amazing... How do you glue things? What's your favourite thing to use as glue?

Sandra said...

My favourite 'glue' is gel medium - I bought a couple of pots from the big red shed. First time $4.99, next time $9.99 and now I can't find it at all. It tries on my fingers and needs to be rubbed off so it's a bit icky. But if I take care it will dry flat, and if I 'paint' over surfaces with it, it gives a really solid kind of surface but I don't do that unless I'm going to work more on the surface. I've used those double sided sticky clear sheets which also give a nice flat finish but my problem is they stick permanently the instant it touches so things can't be moved. I've used ordinary glue stick, especially if using a medium over the top of the work later, and have brushed clear glues but they can get bubbly, as does pva. If a surface is wrinkly or bubbly I guess it's time to start adding other elements or media, and even incorporating that into the work. What a lot of words I just typed, hope it makes sense.

c4cara said...

It does, and thankyou for sharing your knowledge. :-) I'm circling my collages at the moment.. I have the 'stuff', I just need to put them together. This is the beginning of 'the anxiety'... sigh.

Sandra said...

And don't we all have that. Notice how often I say something isn't finished, or I'm not sure if it is - symptom.