Sunday, January 21, 2007

"An Awkward Place"

Paper collage on watercolour paper - some paint and ink, mounted on black art card. I'm looking forward to completing enough collages for the exchange so that I can get on with painting. My head is full of ideas I want to explore and I wish I was more diligent about using a visual diary to record and then explore them. Mostly I scribble ideas down on bits of paper - if I'm out, the back of a receipt in my bag, or if I'm asleep and wake with an idea I rummage around in the bedside drawer for something similar. Then I come across bits of paper lying around with these notes about ideas I've forgotten, or I'll almost remember something and can't quite get it and don't know where I wrote it down. Despite years of being organised in my job, and years of academic study, I'm as absent minded as ever.


Denise said...

You've been so busy - very cool. Love the collages and the paint work here. Can't think well to say much constructive, this small voice keeps saying mummy, mummy.... and all my thoughts fall apart. Keep it up :)

Sandra said...

I remember those days...but I still have a 15 year old that barges in through my studio door very noisily, or calls out "Mum, where are you?". When I get into creating mode (the L brain thing...) it's quite hard to switch back. I feel like I'm coming back from another dimension. If the interruption is brief it's ok, otherwise I lose that feeling and it's not so easy to return to where I was.