Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Male model

Trying to think of a title for the subject line...other than life drawing...perhaps male model will result in more hits on my blog. Joke. These are from last night's drawing class. The coloured chalk pastel gesture drawing on black paper was drawn while he walked around. The drawing with the negative space coloured red came about because I was standing quite close behind the model and his body was obscured by the cane chair in which he was sitting. Hence the disjointed picture. Decided to draw what I could see ... in bits. The sienna conte with black background was a long pose...didn't get much done, did I? He held the pose with two breaks and the post altered slightly with that, which is why I started to block in the negative space to help me maintain the drawing. We started with short poses for the gesture, then have two or three longer poses of about 20 minutes. The model was fit and strong and very good at holding the difficult poses.
Started working on another new painting yesterday, about 100 x 60cm. Will be acrylic, and in my theme of mine and body.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Working on some of the life drawings

I have a lot of drawings piled up and decided to pull some out and work on them. I had intended to do that in abstract fashion, maybe cutting them up and putting them together in new compositions, but so far I've just worked on these two with conte, chalk pastel, some indian ink, and charcoal (both compressed and pencil). I've put up the originals as well. I'm not finished with them yet. The white chalk is making one of the models in the pair look rather too buxom!

I've posted one of the paintings I'm working on, more of an underpainting I suppose. Bit different from what I've been doing - this is working from a photograph I took of Waitete Bay, Coromandel, at sunset (I think I've posted one of those photographs earlier in my blog).

Friday, July 20, 2007

Haven't been idle

but haven't got much in the way of photos to upload at the moment. Here is a drawing from a drawing pad I keep in my bag - it's a quick drawing at Omokora looking across the bay where some yachts are moored (Bay of Plenty, NZ) done in a sepia pen on beige paper. The other is one of the drawings from our life drawing class that started up again this week. Red chalk pencil on white paper.

I've been painting - not ready to post pictures yet, and helping a friend transfer a drawing to a wall for a mural he will be painting. That is an exercise and a half! Trying to transfer from a grid to a wall...amazing how much difference a line an inch out of place can make. It's a good experience for me as I'm not the most patient of people when it comes to trying for accuracy.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Drawing in the dark

A couple of drawings from my journal which I took along to a music night. It's a little challenging drawing in low light, in my journal balanced on my knee. A good challenge though. I used an ordinary rollerball pen.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Artist's Secret

The title of this ever ongoing mixed media WIP. It's such a long time since I posted anything in paint I just felt like uploading it. This was started ages ago, and I add a bit once in a while. I shall continue to attack it from time to time. The title comes from the text - from a page out of an antique book.