Thursday, March 12, 2009

Life Drawing 11 March 2009

Only four drawings last night, not sure why it worked out that way. All 62 x 42 cm 180gsm paper, compressed charcoal and soft pastel.

I tried cropping the figure for some. Have been happier with such drawings but don't find it easy to decide what part to put in and what to leave out!

The model pointed out to me that I'd drawn a map of New Zealand on her pubic hair in the reclining drawing haha. Not intentional. Just my little scribbles that I put on the drawings.

I asked her to stand with her hands up and I was quite pleased with that sketch. Its an idea I've had for a while, to take through to a painting.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Drawings of musicians....a couple more...

Very soft thick that they don't allow smoking in bars in New Zealand, there are no ashtrays into which I can sharpen my pencils! I tried to draw the top person several times, couldn't capture his face. The flute player, well I think I got him ok. And the third is a singer guitarist and artist, Robyn, whom I also think I captured fairly well.

Sketching musicians in a bar

Last night I took a sketchbook with me to The Burrowing Bully where they have open mic regularly. These people are great...they don't seem to mind me sitting in front drawing them.

Can't say I always get a perfect likeness but it's good fun.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Life Drawing 4 March 2009

These are done on 180gsm paper in compressed charcoal and conte. We had two models though I concentrated on the male model mainly. The red and blue is a drawing done while the female model turning and moving her arms.