Saturday, June 30, 2007

and more Life Drawing...

Our life drawing class was invited to spend Saturday drawing at the home of one of the members. We organised a couple of models and had a great day in a warm and spacious venue. I enjoyed the challenge of drawing two models together. These are just a few of the drawings - after I'd finished the pen drawing of the models on the sofa, I did a couple of quick abstract drawings.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Blunt pencil

drawings from my journal tonight. Was using an 8B, very soft, and not sharpened as often as it should have been . This is an A4 visual diary, so the drawings are small. It occurred to me that I can scan these drawings rather than photograph, which should be a more accurate representation.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Carry a sketchbook...

Today I came across this blog - if you draw, take a look - I particularly liked this entry:

Life drawing

Haven't posted anything from the last week or two. Here's a couple of very quick line drawings, same pose. As you can I couldn't leave the hand alone... The other drawing is from a model one or two friends might recognise.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Quick pen drawing

This is a quick pen sketch I did today. I like the composition so will do another one with more care for a finished work.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The many faces of a man

It's time I did some work on portraits I think! These are all the same model I'm embarrassed to say. The first one shows him rather heavier than he is. Because he was moving quite a lot while playing, he became a little bigger, then a little bit bigger still...I was turning him into a muscle man. The drawing where he is standing up (pencil, and I've adjusted the levels severely so it can be seen) is perhaps the closest likeness but still...I can get a good likeness if I draw very, very slowly with a pencil. There are three or four faces I've drawn like that onto my flickr page that I was happy with. The white paper is a wallpaper, an old lining paper, and I've used the matt side which has nice tooth. It is rather crumpled looking from packing in and out of the car, but it's interesting to draw on different types of paper.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Journal scribbling

No painting to post at the moment - am working on some small canvases from the railway idea, but they are slow going. I've almost finished 'Autumn Fall'. So, to keep the momentum of posting here are some drawings out of my visual diary or journal, whatever is your preference. I keep this downstairs and in the evening usually draw for an hour or more. I'm a bit obsessive with this coloured pencil 'colouring in' . There are a couple of very scribbly drawings that were a challenge from my husband - to complete these in a couple of minutes. The flowers are from a Giger book - drawn from a painting in his collection (my drawing is nothing like the painting, by the way), the onion from my kitchen bench just before I chopped it up, the portrait from a television interview (I won't say who it is but if you care to guess...), and a quick line drawing of a young person watching TV.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Energy in drawing vs correctness

At class it's interesting to see the differences in the way people work - some draw with a pencil each week, and take care to get the correct line, shading in with crosshatching; some do the dark tones in crosshatching with conte before line; some try to get the whole figure and some of the surrounds, some focus in on part of the body; some use willow charcoal or pastel and use broad strokes and energetic line. I tend to use charcoal, willow and compressed, and often red and white as well. Last night I used red only for a couple, and white on black building paper. I tried to take more care and be less quick. Overall I think I prefer to be energetic with the arm, and make my scribbly, quick marks but it's good to challenge oneself. To make a correct drawing I think I'd need a whole lot more time than the model can hold. We tend to have 5 minute poses, and then two or three 20 minute poses, so there is a limit to what one can do. The best life drawing I ever did was at a course a year or so ago, where the model fell asleep in a reclining post, near the end of the day, nice late afternoon sun and shadows in the studio. I did a huge drawing on brown paper (now buried amongst a year's drawings) and it was relaxing to not feel pressure of time to get down what I wanted before the pose changed. I always think I'll revisit my drawings, redraw and's on the to do list. Here's a couple from last night, including a cropped portion of the white chalk, I was quite happy with the face and I liked the way the hand fell though I didn't get time to go back and work on that - probably a good thing!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

An ear

Some more drawing (more like colouring in!) in my journal. I picked up an art gallery catalogue in the Rotary Book Sale in Waihi this weekend and there were a couple of paintings of Tony Fomison in there, including The Ear. I always have trouble drawing ears and have been thinking I should draw them over and over. For this drawing I had the catalogue page upside down, and was using ordinary old coloured pencils. I was distracted by the television...watching the third America's Cup challenger finals. For some reason this ear has a hole in front of it! I think I was distracted by the racing and coloured a wrinkle or fold of skin rather too dark.