Sunday, January 14, 2007

Painting -

Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 24"
I thought I might have a go at one of the regular art guild challenges. At about 3pm I went up to the studio to paint. The work has to be ready and listed for sale between 8 and 9 pm tonight. I've created something for their theme of 'Metamorphosis". It was VERY hard to stop. At one point I thought I'd put tissue all over it with medium because the white is so stark (even though it's not absolute white on the painting) and see what that did but I forced myself to leave it alone. I started out with a very brief drawing intending to show a kind of figure from above but the foreshortening made it look very weird so I turned the entire painting around and redid the figure from a different angle. I spent much time scraping using the side and point of palette knives. I used to do that years ago and really like the effect. Another temptation was to take brushes and dab all over the whole thing to make it really abstract. Again I managed to stop myself. I usually avoid colour by using ochres and umbers. Of course I ended up muddying things. At the moment I'm dithering over whether to put a navy blue glaze over it and scrape it back so the colours show.

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