Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Collage No.5 "Wonders of Modern Technology"

Again using the grid idea. This one went together (to my satisfaction) fairly quickly - about an hour and a half. One goal was to try and be aware of balance. I didn't get home til late, and with my habit of cogitating (is that the word?) for ages before actually beginning to create something, didn't think I could get much done today - its been such a hot and humid day. But it worked. I used a different 'glue' this time - binder medium. I don't like using it with acrylic paint - which dries fast enough for me at the best of times - but noticed it said on the label that it could be used as collage adhesive. Dries nice and flat, Cara - still used the hair dryer though.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing collage... I tried the binder a couple of times, but I'm such a slow bugger it had dried before I put the surfaces together, so it didn't stick! *grin*