Thursday, January 11, 2007

Collage No.6 Idle Hands

Again I've used a piece of canvas with paint, tissue, ink and more paint. Then used binder medium to attach magazine collage and the bones of the hand are from an anatomy colouring in book. I will probably leave this one as is. It's attached to a piece of heavy art card and is straight, though it doesn't look it. I'm considering embellishing the card around the collage later.
Have had a couple of disastrous days of really ruining a couple of works. Once I've completed 13 works good enough to send away, I think I'll post a photo of all the disasters! Today I spent hours making a magazine collage, entire board covered with several images. Then I put on a few butterflies - some on that vellum paper (awful, curls, wrinkles, had to really forcefully push down and dry with the hairdryer quickly and still they wrinkled - maybe I should have used the double sided sticky paper), and some from a magazine. I could see my theme there but the colours and images I'd chosen created a very boring complilation. I then brushed over some thin watercolour white, dried it, then crackle medium, let it dry, then brushed over white acrylic in places and on the edges, and a touch more gold (tacky I know but I love the gold). Ended up looking totally awful which I knew would happen. I knew I should give up on it 2 hours earlier.

Another piece, I'd glued the paper images onto the board and as some were of different thicknesses scraped over modelling paste which nicely levelled things off. It dried quite quickly in places so I got some fine sandpaper and lightly sanded it. Ha! Took off paper all over the place. Then I brushed over some transparent red and ended up with a spotty reddish board with shadowy images showing through. Quite a nice smooth surface though so at least I can use it again.

Now that I've typed all that, I'll be brave and put up a photo of them but I'll take it off a bit later! Laugh as much as you like.


Anonymous said...

I don't think the 'disasters' look so bad! Maybe not what you wanted them to be, but I kinda like them. The others are, of course, awesome...

Sandra said...

Oh yes they do look bad - it's been a struggle for me to just work on something and not expect it to be right or perfect and to accept that it doesn't always work out. I'd produce more work if I could let go of expectations (...Denise). So putting up the ones that went wrong is part of that process of allowing myself to make mistakes. A couple of decades ago someone said "you have to have the quantity to get the quality" - it was at a meeting about parenting I think! But it applies in lots of areas.