Sunday, January 07, 2007

They are all our sons

Today I wasted quite a lot of time ruining a couple of collages - hopefully I can use them by collaging onto them as bases but what a lot of frustration! I was layering paper collage with images from old magazines, then I used paint in thin glazes. When that dried I used a palette knife to scrape over modelling paste to fill in gaps between the pieces, and as that dried scraped it. That damaged the surface a little bit but it still looked good, with the dark imagery showing through the thin paint. I decided to lightly sand to remove some of the remaining paste but that was too much for the papers and they started to distintegrate. I also ruined another collage by going too far on an original photograph that I was scraping. As I've well and truly glued it to my base I'll have to put my thinking cap on and figure out what I'm going to do now.
Today I came close to finishing this collage. I'll let it sit for a week or so or I'll mess this one up too! The photograph isn't that great - taken on an angle as the light in my studio was so strong - so the left side of the image is slightly cut off.
...later, decided to leave this collage as it is and titled it as above...

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Ally said...

Hey none of it's wasted because you are learning all the time :) I'm still impressed that you are getting stuck in and experimenting all the time, thats the only way to grow :)