Saturday, January 20, 2007

Collage 9 base & I've been painting

The paintings are:
36 x 12" canvas "Above the Burning Ground"
24 x 12" canvas "The Burning Ground
both acrylic.
Collage - magazine collage, text from old book, and imagery from my own photographs.
Not sure if any of them are finished. Paintings I hang on the wall in my studio or in the hallway outside it, while I'm deciding if they're finished (are they ever?).
I've been quite industrious even though we're watching tennis day and night. My eyes are sore and the body is protesting too many hours sitting!
postscript 3 February
Above the Burning Ground is layers and layers of acrylic glaze. I use acrylic mediums, eg flow medium, and though it might not show in the photograph so well, it has many colours.
When I was painting them I didn't really have a true idea of what they were - I knew they were landscapes and that was about it. My son said one of them looked like "Mount Doom". I almost named it that but that wouldn't be very original, and I needed to find my own title. As they progressed and I was building colours I decided they were burning land and named them around that. Wasn't sure where the idea came from, thought maybe it was in the back of my mind that there are bushfires in Victoria, Australia. I posted the photographs and initial post, and a couple of days later there was a fire close by, at night, and we looked over to see ...burning ground. Turns out a neighbour decided to burn a huge pile of pine stumps and branches (he's just had some of his pine tree stock felled), despite a fireban. It had very quickly got out of control so the fire service arrived, the police arrived, and the neighbours arrived. Watching the fire, and then walking over to look close up, the scene reminded me of my paintings. So, do you believe in omens?

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