Saturday, February 20, 2010


This painting is on canvas, 15" x 30" mixed acrylic media.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Abstract impressionism...expressionism...

A friend challenged me to create some colourful abstract works. Now I'm not sure if they're impressionism or expressionism...maybe both...if someone can express an opinion I'd be interested. They incorporate both smaller brushstrokes and layering up of paint as well as bold, freemoving application of the paint. Here are a couple of the series, I have many in progress.

They are as yet unnamed. But both are inspired by the view from my deck of a pointed hill behind which the sun sets. I had the feeling I wanted to capture the bright colour of the sunset as well as the shadows below the hill.

Acrylic on canvas

Abstract 1 20" x 24"
Abstract 2 24" x 36"

I'm back

I know... its months... people have been asking me what I'm doing with the blog. Well I'm back. Last night I went to our drawing group, its been a while, and did a few quick sketches with equally quick wash. We were privileged to have a guitarist playing, and modelling, with our other model. the ink sketch was a superquick indian ink drawing, was all I could see of her as she lay beside the guitarist. The others are pencil with watercolour wash.

I've started a new series of paintings, very different from what I've done in the past. A close friend has encouraged me to work in abstract, expressionism, and I have many paintings in progress. Shall upload a picture or two soon.