Thursday, October 06, 2011

Installation by Bull ... spring is here

Yearling bull decided to rearrange some items he gained access to... a bath used for drinking water for stock dragged and placed perfectly, an old canoe he dragged quite a long way from where it was stored, as well as an old washing machine waiting for collection, rusty metal frame and log, all found and dragged to the location by the artist. How clever is that! I dont think my photography does justice to his artistic expression. The artist...

After taking a photo of it, I walked around the garden and took quick shots of the little splashes of colour appearing with the arrival of spring. It was late afternoon and the sun was still very strong draining some colour. So, lacking any new work to show, here is mother nature's...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dr Sketchy

I have been to a few Dr Sketchy events in Auckland and Wellington, I wish I could make every one, they're fun and make a change from regular life drawing. I'm not making a lot of art right now. At the moment I'm working on some hand painted journal pages and I'll post a photograph when done - is part of a collaborative project. Meantime, because I've been lazy and not posting on this blog I decided to post other links to things I'm interested or involved in.

Dr Sketchy for example!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

National Contemporary Art Award 2011

Went to see this exhibition last Friday. Inspiring and exciting! The winner was Andre Hemer from Sydney, a painting on the wall of an iphone QR code that linked to a google map showing where Pollock's "Blue Poles" painting is located in the Australian National Gallery.

The above picture comes from

The catalogue can be viewed online, is nothing like seeing them in front of you though.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Defence D'Afficher

Take a look... the artists want you to download their posters .. print them... put them somewhere so they can be seen... especially on the street. Free free free

You can also join the project with your own work.

They also have an archive of photos sent in by people showing where they put them up.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sensory Drawing 5

Collage imagery, acrylic paint, ink, 17 " x 24" .

Last day of the course, was pretty much a free day to work on something relative to the week. I did two large collages, about 20 x 30". Magazine imagery, acrylic paint, indian ink. One is titled "News" influenced greatly by the turmoil in the Middle East and fuel crisis - isnt it about time we had alternatives??!! The other .. well... in my mind I titled it "Breathe" but not 100% sure about this. Not quite finished yet.

On my way this morning I stopped at a nearby beach, and got out to watch and photograph the surfers. Good swell at the moment. The beach is very close to Wellington airport as you can see.

The course was a demanding one, as artists we need to be able to 'see' but this week was practice in seeing not just visually but using our senses to 'see' and then creating works to describe that. It will take a while for this to work through in my mind and inform my work, I know it will.