Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wasting time

I'm quite keen to keep 3 of my collages - the ones with the same figure on them. I have more of these figures and might keep them until I've used them all. On the other hand, I'm tired of making collages. I tried making an additional one today but it's a bit of a mess. Still, I've given it a title, "History as Entertainment". It's approx A4 size, paper collage, with ink and acrylic paint. The photo is taken at night, so isn't a true representation.
Other than that, I've scribbled a bit in a visual diary, made some notes about how to use some of my drawings in paint/mixed media, and done some more painting on the faces/garden painting.
I need to make a plan for this year really, with so many ideas flying around in my head, when I go into the studio, I am at a loss for what to do. Also, as the days go past and I remember everything I've lost from the computer crash, I get a bit rattled! Photos, lesson plans for teaching, my CV, thousands of words of writing, weblinks and notes I've been making while doing genealogy to mention a few.
Need to get busy and forget all that. Time for a list. I'll make one tomorrow.

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