Friday, February 16, 2007

Pastel practice

This is on a dark blue card/heavy paper - something I had on hand and not as toothy as I'd like. I sanded it and the marks show, decided I liked that. Sanding didn't make a lot of difference to the surface and the pastel didn't adhere very well. Must have washed my hands half a dozen times during the drawing! Now that I see it in a photograph, I can see some things I should change, but as the card is probably holding as much pastel as it can, I'll leave it as it is.
I've just finished editing a novel for a friend and my sleep pattern went totally awry during that time. I'd go to bed and lie there thinking about the story - got totally into it! I sure learned a lot during the process, and found out that I knew a lot about the craft that I'd learned/been taught in the past but thought I'd forgotten. It's been a kickstart for me and already I've started planning a story already. Need to do that anyway, seeing as how I've lost almost a year's worth of writing with the computer crash. I'd joined "Book-in-a-Week", an online yahoo group several months ago, and I found the process worked well. Once week a month we state a goal of x number of pages and post 3 times during that week our progress, and a grand total at the end of the week. It sure kicked up the word count.
Apart from that, I've started a daily drawing journal and made some photos of objects to use as a drawing resource. I'm tinkering with them on the computer, making them black and white and using filters before cropping. Next step is to print them and see if I can put together a useful composition.

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