Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Page 201" and "Ghosts and Shadows"

This morning I worked on a base I'd created some time ago, and made another collage.
"Page 201" (21cm x 25cm on canvas board) is titled for the piece of text in the work, and "Ghosts and Shadows" (26cm x 18cm on art board) for the same reason. Both are paper collage with ink and acrylic paint. The woman standing in the bottom right of "Page 201" is cut out from one of my own photographs.

I seem to enjoy making dark, messy collages. I set out intending to create something modern looking but they end up looking like this most of the time.


Denise said...

These are yummy. I love the antique aged feel of them. And the mysterious quality of them. I really like the way your collages are layered and built with so many elements, that you integrate into a cohesive and evocative piece.

gryphon said...

wow these are beautiful Sandra. So much work is put into them. So many things to see I could stare for hours...quite happily!

Ally said...

So beautiful, I admire your artwork so much, you really have the talent to know how to put things together and what to add make them even more interesting, very cool :)