Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One more drawing..lost parrot...storms...flooding...

This life drawing is the actual pose of the cropped stylised drawing from 11.7.08. That drawing was done standing behind the model.We've had a couple of bad storms here over the last few days, and last night I was looking out the window about an hour before dark and saw a bird in the tree - though it was a rosella - quite a few of them live around here, but they're usually in pairs. I grabbed the camera and as I took the photo I realised it wasn't a rosella and it must be someone's pet that has got free. I rang and left a message with the SPCA, and put my cockatiels back outside hoping they'd attract it but by the time I'd done that it had disappeared.

We've had a very hectic few days out in the weather. Drains need to be kept clear, things moved because of the gale force winds, pieces of flashing blew off, roofs on sheds lifted....Took a drive through the Karangahake Gorge just after it opened again (closed all day) and there were a lot of slips, the road was under water, and there was clay and mud and water in drains at the road's edge, just waiting for another downpour to spill over the road again. The river was turbulent and very muddy. I'll post a shot from my other camera shortly. I've been hunting for decent weather websites in the last few days and weatherwatch is quite interesting - people send in photos. Metvuw is good too.

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"Dreaded" is amazing too!