Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life Drawing 30 July 2008

With increasing numbers joining the life drawing group, we're back at the local collage again so we have lots of space to move around which we all enjoyed. I did enjoy drawing in the smaller venues, being closer to the model I think I was becoming more accurate, though more often than not I was drawing on smaller paper, on my lap and those drawings can get a bit of a lean on was good to be standing up, drawing at an easel again (thanks, John).

These drawings were done on either white or buff cartridge paper. Media was mostly Faber & Castell polychromos pastels, but I also used willow charcoal for one drawing and conte, pencil and stick. I played around with stylising as you can see from the closeup. The drawing session was for two hours but we seemed to fit in a lot of drawings, even with some longer ones. And everyone did fantastic drawings. Quite a variety, some work with willow, others with coloured soft pastels, mostly large drawings, some very large, it's very inspiring to draw alongside the others.

The tutor, John Mulvay, organised quick poses first - those are the three drawings on one page. then we had longer poses between 5 and 20 minutes. For one of the reclining poses, I did several quick drawings of the reclining poses, one of which is in the next post because of blogger's limit on numbers of photos per post.

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