Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life Drawing 16 July 2008

These are drawn on buff cartridge, either pen or conte pencil, some have the Neocolour white highlights.

One of my favourite poets was on television this morning, and I grabbed a piece of paper out of the printer, and a ballpoint pen and scribbled this portrait while I listened to the interview. He has his own website now, but it's very new by the look of it, not much there, just a bio. But I've been cruising around the net looking for poems by Sam, and came across THIS site where you can hear the weekly "A little bit of something with Sam Hunt" on Radio Wammo. He talks about all kinds of things, and recites his own poetry, and often lines of other poets.


New Zealand Iris said...

These drawing's are exquisite!

New Zealand Iris said...

Sam Hunt looked like a Lion in his Portrait. That is Splendid!

david melville said...

beautiful drawings i should offer to model for free just to see how i would look to an artist eye