Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crayon and pencil portrait

of a friend's son. This little toddler (who is also an artist) was busy drawing at my house and I felt like sketching him. I picked up a crayon and started to draw, but he wasn't inclined to share his his art materials - of course when you're two and a half you're just learning to own things so how can you fairly share? I fetched my coloured pencils which he had no problem sharing with me. I had to work very quickly before he took ownership of everything on the table. The portrait isn't a perfect likeness - he's a whole lot cuter. Mateo works in crayon and pen on paper, pastels on building paper, and acrylics on canvas working with paint straight from the tube on to the canvas, or from a palette. His main subjects in his visits are colours, train tracks, trains, "up up up", the wind, and chocolate chip cookies, particularly the white and/or brown chocolate chips themselves. I'll have to remember to take photographs of his work before he takes it home next time.


Melissa Muirhead said...

That story made me laugh Sandra - today I was using my coloured pencils and my 22 mth old wanted every colour I needed to use. I went out and bought him his own pack (so I can keep my artist quality ones to myself) but he prefers mine! I love watching toddlers paint and draw.

New Zealand Iris said...

I recognised it instantly as Mateo and think it is a fabulous Portrait.

Love Barbara

John Mulvay - Living the Life of an Artist said...

It's nice you let Mateo work with quality materials. I have one of his paintings on the studio wall.