Sunday, December 02, 2007

Glass Earth

I'm working on a new series, and this is tentatively called Glass Earth 1. It's possibly not quite finished. It is a layered work, mixed media and the photo isn't the best. The work measures 30x15 inches. I started attaching papers - paper painted especially for this work with thick paint that took some time to dry; acid free craft papers, a grey green and charcoal paper with fibres and bits of silver in it; pages from a 97 year old book "Granite". I then painted behind and around parts of the work, and began to tear off or glue down parts of the paper, and add other paint to it. The process made me think about the way the land is mined, layers of earth exposed and either removed or replaced, causing permanant damage, left scarred and in a way bleeding as exposing it in this way to the atmosphere causes the leaching of heavy metals. The land is never the same again. Because technology advances rapidly, it is possible for companies to "see" into the layers to what minerals are there. Should they be able to take the land apart to get it?


Anonymous said...

The reference to glass in the title makes perfect sense to me. Love the reds but would like to be able to see more detail. Suspect there are things in the layers the photos just does not show. Interesting new direction, but also a connection to the goldmine works I think.

Denise said...

Like Cath, I suspect there is much more to this than I can see through the photo. Even so I like what I can see, very raw and provoking. Definitely exudes a feel of wounding and scars. As Cath observed, a new direction but still connected.