Friday, November 09, 2007

Travelling Journal

These are the other three pages:

4. Cara has used paint, collage, written text in gold that reads: "It's not some impossible task I must struggle to complete...but something profoundly simple poised on the other side of a question that I can't quite answer. I don't even remember the words of the question...just the imprint it left behind ... it resonates differently now." The two images are of the sun on the left page, and a low angle shot of a cow beneath the Eiffel Tower.

Aren't these fascinating?

5. The next entry is by Cath, created in paint with her text:

If my art doesn't reflect me,

If I can't see my own hand in my art,

Then whose art is it really?

I have to ask myself -

Does it come from within me?

Does it reflect my soul and my passion?

Or have I copied the latest trends,

Played with the latest products,

Mimicked someone whose work I admire,

But lost my own voice in the process?

Can I see my hand in these pages...

Cath creates wonderful abstract images, and I don't believe her work is ever anything but original!

6. Created by Amanda, this collage work is full of interesting images. She has used a variety of art papers, vintage wallpaper (in which she wrapped the parcel for it's return journey),paper dress pattern, vintage advertisements, and the main text reads "Creating the perfect woman".

I think it is amazing how all the entries link together, create narrative, and yet each is so different.


Denise said...

How wonderful that it made it home to you at last - and great to see the rest of the contributions.

Anonymous said...

OMG how wonderful - glad your journal made it home to you safe and sound. Thanks so much for sharing.