Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Extracts from Trapped Self

is the title of this work. Spent all day on this painting today. It's 20" x 40" acrylic media on canvas. Lots of layers, colours in Atelier interactives underneath, then black gesso. Next I scratched through the surface and layers, then worked over the surface in acrylic glazes. The image is based on a charcoal life drawing I've been meaning to use in a painting for some time. When photographing it at the end of the day, I realised that this pretty much reflects how I feel today, the hot colours in the figure, the scratching and scraping through the paint.

It's been raining here quite a lot, so perhaps the summer weather is going to return. My new vegetable garden is enjoying the rain. Three new garden beds right beside the house (the other garden is down a steep bank and not so easy to access). I've got one planted up and within 3 weeks am eating out of it.

I notice that the date on blogger is 25 December - northern hemisphere time. It's actually 26 December here, Christmas Day was yesterday. Was spent in Auckland following by a drive around th coast.


Denise said...

Thank you for the wishes, glad you had a nice day, though different. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the holiday season. :)

Ohh, this piece is incredible. Love the richness of colour, texture, and energy of the strokes and the glowing of the figure. What a great way to spend boxing day.

Joy Logan said...

Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! Looking thru your photos I realize I have know you for awhile,thru your collage "dreaded". I don't know where or when I saw it but I have loved and admired it quite some time now. I have a folder of art I love and can look at often,sometimes I make a screen slide show of admired art,hope you don't mind. I would never use it as my own ever,I wouldn't want that myself. Nice to have your blog to see and will add your link if you don't mind.

Sandra T said...

Thanks for your comments. A link would be great. And of course I don't mind the idea of a folder of admired art...I have one myself!