Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sensory Drawing

Spending the week in Wellington and exploring drawing inspired by the senses. Am quickly putting up some of what I created today.Everyone's work was very different, mine abstract, many drew realistically. Ink (sumi and/or indian, acrylic paint, compressed charcoal, chalk pastel, charcoal pencils white and black).

I was trying to describe the sensation of touching the various plants/trees in the bush and gardens surrounding the art school (we walked through them first thing Monday) in the first and last works, the second is the feel of a hard piece of dried seaweed, gritty with sharp edges, the third was drawn in response to running my fingers over the back of a small paua shell.

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Ray Avito said...

Your sensory drawings series is very special. This particular group grabbed me the most. They seem serious and a bit darker, like a tortured artist. Really beautiful, especially the first one.