Friday, March 25, 2011

Sensory Drawing 5

Collage imagery, acrylic paint, ink, 17 " x 24" .

Last day of the course, was pretty much a free day to work on something relative to the week. I did two large collages, about 20 x 30". Magazine imagery, acrylic paint, indian ink. One is titled "News" influenced greatly by the turmoil in the Middle East and fuel crisis - isnt it about time we had alternatives??!! The other .. well... in my mind I titled it "Breathe" but not 100% sure about this. Not quite finished yet.

On my way this morning I stopped at a nearby beach, and got out to watch and photograph the surfers. Good swell at the moment. The beach is very close to Wellington airport as you can see.

The course was a demanding one, as artists we need to be able to 'see' but this week was practice in seeing not just visually but using our senses to 'see' and then creating works to describe that. It will take a while for this to work through in my mind and inform my work, I know it will.

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PatarNoster said...

love the painting very vivid !

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