Friday, March 11, 2011

Some drawings & more MM collages

Threw together some more mixed media collage/drawings inbetween painting endless pieces of canvas with gesso, Paynes Gray and sumi ink. And dunking rolled canvas in paint. More to follow on that. These quick drawings are done with a cane stick pulled from a sushi mat, forcing myself to just draw quick and not agonise over correctness. Hopefully I'll get them sent away for ICE. And in the middle of my mess the kitten. Since jumping out a window and spending the night outside she's been clingy. A friend visiting took this picture before I put her out of the studio (the kitten of course, not the friend!). The kitten likes to try and catch my brush as I paint, or knock over the rubbish basket and make a mess.

Also attached to this post are some recent drawings, from life drawing group (pastel and charcoal, blue portrait is done with a chinagraph pencil).

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