Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ink sketch

Today I was working on the little canvases on which I drew the life model last week, starting painting them. Taking a break, I drew a couple of quick indian ink sketches from my music night journal drawings, and blocked in some of the areas with coloured ink. First, I'd tried drawing them from the book with a conte pencil but they just didn't have any energy, so I got out the black ink and brush and felt much happier with that. I'll do more of them (and see if I can get the hang of the guitar).


New Zealand Iris said...

Lovely quick sketch Sandra. I like the use of the colours yellow and green. They remind me of a painting my son did for me with a green and yellow Rainbow.

Love Barbara

New Zealand Iris said...

Hi Sandra

Hope you have a great Sunday. Mine is already marvellous because I went to Church and enjoyed the fellowship. I commented on your beautiful work last night and maybe you haven't moderated yet.

Denise said...

The colour and brush texture in the hair give him a real reggae feel to me.