Friday, June 20, 2008

Mixed media

350gsm printmaking paper. Experimenting. Title of series: "Granite" #1 "About the Solitary", #2 "About the Wall", #3 "About a Strife in the Wood". This series is about thinking and based on an old book, "Granite" published 1909, written by John Trevena.


John Mulvay - Living the Life of an Artist said...

like the first one, not sure about the sky blue around it but maybe that gives it an edge (as in edgy )Rock on Sandra..

Sandra T said...

That's my camera and trying to process the photo to show true colours - not so easy. The "sky blue" is the white paper that I laid the pieces on to photograph it. I want to keep the rough edges, so didn't want to crop as I usually do. These are experiments, and when I finish them, or make more, I'll have to figure out what to mount them on before placing a mat.

New Zealand Iris said...

Glad your work arrived safely. Love the Colours. I'm feeling red,white and blue at the moment myself. I see my mate Johnny Boy has also commented.

Love Barbara