Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Pastel on black paper and spam comments !

This is drawn on black building paper which has a sheen not easy to deal with in a photograph. The media is Gallery semi hard pastels.

I've noticed that there are people spamming comments on blogs and the only way to deal with this is probably to use word verification in the settings. I would guess that the spamming is done automatically with some computer programme and up until now I don't think they can handle that but I guess the day will come. Anyway, if you see comments that say "Click here" or "See here" just don't. It comes up with some screen inviting you to activate a virus cleaner or protector or something. I did some googling to find out about these comments as I received one myself and because I have comment moderation I could see it before it was published.

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willstevens said...

You should see some of the spam comments I get on my blog! I think it's something that all bloggers have to unfortunately suffer from. Wordpress has a really good spam filter so most of the time you never have to see them.
I really enjoyed your blog by the way. Keep up the good work!
Will Stevens