Sunday, April 06, 2008

Collaborative painting for fundraiser

At our new year exhibition there was a painting being created to raise funds for the Zippy Fund which the (Waihi) Beach Vets have in place for clients of limited means to pay for necessary veterinary care.

An artist created the background and all the details were added by visitors to the exhibition with the intention of auctioning the painting with proceeds to go to the Zippy fund. The occasional artist added to the painting when they were on duty at the exhibition. Actually people had a lot of fun thinking up what to add - what about the lifeguard with the shotgun!? A lot of people said "but I'm no artist"! But many were encouraged and persuaded to contribute.

So here it is. I believe the painting was purchased and donated to be hung at the Vets'.

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea the Zippy fund is. The collaborative work is a neat idea - congrats to all of you.