Friday, April 18, 2008

Life drawing poses

Note added 6.5.08 - originally had a different title for this post.

I was interested to read a comment made on one of my posts
(Click on the link to see which post but WARNING - rough drawing of male bits on show.)

I was initially surprised at the comment, then had a little LOL myself (which is netspeak for "laughing out loud" if you didn't know) and the thought that someone would be shocked or surprised in this day and age considering what's around on the internet.

Last night I caught part of a documentary about Manet's "Le Dejeuner". This painting, and others of his, shocked society at the time partly because he openly portrayed a contemporary woman with no clothes on in a time when only religious or mythological nakedness was acceptable in paintings. The comment was made on that programme, and in articles I've read on the internet about it since, that people today aren't shocked by nudity... as long as they keep their legs together I suppose.


JafaBrit's Art said...

It seems odd to me that anyone who is serious about life drawing to notice,care or be bothered by the plumbing of the artist since boobs and plumbing are of the least interest or challenge to draw.

Anonymous said...

I don't notice what the individual 'bits' are - I am more interested in the quality of line, the energy etc. I love Egon Schieles (sp?) work and some of the pencil/chalk drawings are quite graphic, but very beautiful.