Friday, March 02, 2007

Using my own resources

I was again looking through the photos I took in Auckland and have tinkered with a couple and thought they could be useful for drawing practice, looking at perspective and so on. These two I've uploaded on one document. I used the Photosuite programme to change them into images I will draw from.

The other image is some watercolour paper that I used to scrape off brushes used for another work. I have four pieces and kept them thinking I might "do" something with them eventually. Again, I've just superimposed one image on top of the other. I was reminded that I had these lying around after Cath mentioned Martha Marshall on noticed the potential of some newspaper she'd wiped paint onto.

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Anonymous said...

Love the underneath piece of watercolour paper as it is. Looks like a monotype, especially with the blue lines.
I'll be intertested to see what you do with the photos, that's such a clear image of the Sky Tower.