Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ten days without posting...

I have been out of town quite a lot and am now teaching (last week and this). I was in the Coromandel again last week, and took many pictures. The tractors are on the beach at Hahei, and the birds were at the marina in Whitianga. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take shots early or late in the day so the bright light meant not a lot of my photographs turned out very well, particularly the beach and water.
At school we did some printmaking. The students did prints using a thin board instead of lino. It worked very well. The students planned their design on paper first, then drew it onto board before cutting. A couple of them spent a lot of time carefully cutting lots of detail and their's worked very well. Most of the children (Years 5 and 6) were so keen to get to the printing bit that they rushed - we had butterflies, a boy with fishing rod and bucket of fish, a couple of landscapes, a hand, and animals. The first print was in one colour and for the second (the boards dried quickly in the sun) they chose two colours (they'd done colour mixing recently with their regular teacher). Some rolled the ink until it totally blended and others tried with some success to have two colours blending into each other. They're mounted on coloured paper and up on the wall and look great.

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Ally said...

Hi Sandra,
Thanks for your feedback about Emo :)
I went back and edited the earlier post, what a misery guts lol.
I have been popping in and keeping an eye on IP it's good for me to stay connected with you all.
I enjoyed reading your post about your daughter i'm so happy for her, dosen't it feel wonderful when your children start living the life they really want :) nothing better imo.
Thats SO cool about the kids you were teaching, from my expreience with the kids classes, printmaking is always such a hit, they just LOVE it and some of then get so into the exploration of the process it just warms the cockles of my heart :)
Actually im going back to vegas for the holiday programme and woodblock printing is one of the things I am doing this time, just using 4mm mdf and lino cutters.
Also there was a fabulous little article in the last Creative tauranga arts mag about a teacher who had done a similar thing to you using polystyrene boards, looked great.
look forward to catching up sometime :)