Friday, January 16, 2009

2009 - First post of the year

No post for a while I suddenly realised, so its about time I logged in and wrote. But about what? I have been creative...but in a different form...editing a book that I' m close to finishing. All hours of the day and night. The last few days I've been searching for all the -ly words in the manuscript and I can't believe how many times I use the word "slightly". And I use a lot of words that tone things down, so it's a major exercise finding all those -ly words and rewriting. And this is just the start of the process. The eyes are very very tired.

I have been in the studio a little. A friend has been a few times and been creating works that she may enter into the 2009 ICE. I started working on making collaged paper that I will cut up and collage. Its clean up time. By the end of the year it looked like a bomb had hit it. I'm not a tidy worker. Each burst of creativity brings with it a chaotic mess to clean up afterwards. This holiday period is my traditional time for the big clear out..hasn't happened but the pressure is on now. And that's what I always need. Deadlines. Targets. Due dates. You think I'd have more self discipline by now.


Ray Avito said...

I'm ambivalent about self-discipline. I see the benefit but it makes me want to buck it...

A book? Multi-talented!

Anonymous said...

Oooh your poor eye! Because we publish a newspaper I knew what that's like. Do you use the find function in a programme to find all the -ly and whatever else for you?

Did you enter ICE in the end? I decided I dd not have enough time in the end with Dale being away. Shame but I did want to create unnecessary pressure on myself.

I am a mucky pup in my art room too - I clean up regularly but make a mess almost instantly.
Glad you're well. Take care.

Sandra T said...

I can't make a mid Jan completion for ICE but thought that was a request and not a requirement. On that basis going ahead.

Anonymous said...

It is always fun at yours Sandra.

Love Barbara

The Minimalist said...

What a beautiful picture of your eyes. Editing is so time consuming but so important! Thanks for stopping by my site and following my blog.