Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life drawing 19 November 2008

All done on brown or buff paper in mostly compressed charcoal and pastel. I scribble over the paper first in colours then draw on top of that. Mostly I block in the form lightly with a short piece of compressed charcoal, using it on its side. I then begin to draw, aiming to get one look, commit and draw.

The painted sketch is done in a new product I picked up yesterday...can't recall name (my materials are still out in the car)...its watercolour in a tube with a brush, you take the lid off, turn the collar to 'on' and paint/draw. The brush isn't the best (they're for children...) and if you squeeze the tube ink can run down the page - though that could be used to effect. It was interesting to try them out, but difficult to control, and a limited colour range of red, yellow, blue and green.

The scribbly sketch is five 1 minute poses drawn in Crayola Twistables on white cartridge paper. All drawings are on A2 size paper.


Anonymous said...

And the shadow behind the first Model becomes the Cape of Superman. Your work is so beautiful that tonight I Celebrate for you.

Love Barbara

Anonymous said...

Love the third one down. Can you email me if you're interested in selling it? Have a look at my post today - I admit I've tagged you. I's fine if you say no of course, but I hope you can do it - it's amazing how far and wide they get read!