Monday, August 18, 2008

Works in progress

It's ages since I've painted and to kick start myself I decided to try and work differently. I put away those earth colours I'm so addicted to, and used my hands. Yes, my hands! That is right out of my comfort zone. I lay down the paint (acrylic) for the backgrounds with my hands, I did have to go and wash them several times to take away the icky feeling... I deliberately chose these colours that are so far away from anything I've done, tried not to have an idea to begin with but just to let things develop.

I worked across a few canvases, changing when I found myself thinking too hard about what I was doing. I have no idea where these figures come from.

That pregnant lady just keeps appearing on that canvas. I've painted over it twice now (the canvas) and it seems impossible to make her go away. So she'll have to stay.

I intend to continue working on these in a variety of media, but I'm putting them up here as impetus to keep painting. It's all too easy to hide beginning works away and never go back to them.

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Cath Sheard said...

I hope Dudley turns up safe 'n sound - with a bit of luck he got blown to safety in someone's home. Yay you for getting your hands into the paint ;-)