Saturday, February 09, 2008

Marchwood Farm Music Festival

Yesterday, 9 February, we went to the Marchwood Farm Music Festival in Omokoroa which featured blues and jazz musicians Wizard and Oz , Dutch Tilders, Phil Manning, and George Washingmachine (yes, that's his name, check out the website). It was a really enjoyable afternoon, went from about 2 to 7 pm, finishing with a jam with all the musicians on stage together. The musicians all know each other and most have played together individually but have never played on the same stage together - this was a world first.

Andrew Farrell, pianist with Wizard and Oz, is a great pianist and singer, and David McMillan, the other half of the pair, has an incredible voice - check out their website for some samples of their music. And I'm told there will be details of the Tauranga gigs on their site soon.

Dutch Tilders is a real blues singer, and I loved his lyrics, and his style. Here's a couple of samples: "Smoking Woman" and "I'm a Blues Man"

George Washingmachine was pretty much the MC, great sense of humour.

Photos above show the 'stage', Wiz and Oz with George Washingmachine (plays jazz violin and sings), Wizard and Oz, Phil Manning and Dutch Tilders, local percussionist/drummer Ken Collis who brought along his washboard and got the opportunity to join in for a couple of numbers, and Peter Archer with David McMillan.

The site was sloping which made it comfortable for sitting on the ground, most people brought along a picnic but there was food and drinks for sale, and the musicians performed on the deck of a truck. Fantastic views all around. This was the first Marchwood music festival and they're planning on another one next year.

Some or all of these musicians will be playing at the Tauranga Jazz Festival at Easter.

I found this event on eventfinder - this is a really useful website for finding out what events are on in any area).

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Peanuts Promotions said...

Dutch Tilders came home to Melbourne from Marchwood saying he is looking forward to catching up with folk again at Easter Tauranga Festival. Thanks for the photos which show a really beautiful setting in the country with the finest of musicians who know and respect each other. Next year will see Dutch Back again.