Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blue guitarist lacks progress

I'm just getting to grips with this site - you can post once a week during the month, after Tuesday, a photo for the theme - and it must be linked back to Self Portrait Challenge. This time I'll report on the progress - or lack of - on the blue guitarist oil painting I started recently You might be able to see my stress in the photo! It's still basically an underpainting - decided I wasn't happy with the way I had changed the stance of the model from my original photograph (elsewhere on this site and on my flickr page) so I've been working on that. And I'll have to sort out where I want the left hand to be on the frets and finalise the actual guitar before I start the top layers. But that'll have to wait until I get my ICE collages completed.

If you haven't clicked one of the links yet, you can see more blue self portraits here.


Sean-Michael Bryce Gettys said...

I love this self portrait! And best wishes finding your guitarist. I understand how that is. I started a painting called "Spreading Joy" as first a sketch, then an underpainting and it has stalled there

Amarettogirl said...

From one artist to another, I understand the stress - but I don't see it - I see a beautiful woman contemplating her creation and addition into this world...great job I love this pic.