Sunday, July 22, 2007

Working on some of the life drawings

I have a lot of drawings piled up and decided to pull some out and work on them. I had intended to do that in abstract fashion, maybe cutting them up and putting them together in new compositions, but so far I've just worked on these two with conte, chalk pastel, some indian ink, and charcoal (both compressed and pencil). I've put up the originals as well. I'm not finished with them yet. The white chalk is making one of the models in the pair look rather too buxom!

I've posted one of the paintings I'm working on, more of an underpainting I suppose. Bit different from what I've been doing - this is working from a photograph I took of Waitete Bay, Coromandel, at sunset (I think I've posted one of those photographs earlier in my blog).

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Anonymous said...

The white chalk looks great. The two at the top are looking really good. Love the underpainting, all dark and moody and smudgy. Can't wait to see ow it progresses.