Thursday, May 31, 2007

Warm and cool colours ...

Been working on this further. More to do. Getting the correct colour in photographs isn't so easy. Someone pointed out to me today that the highlights on the upper edges of the body were greenish and talked about warm and cool colours and where they were usually used. And I hadn't given a lot of thought to where I would place warm and cool colours, it isn't my way of thinking I suppose, I just play around with the colours I want and think in terms of light and dark. Wasn't my intention to get a greenish colour on those body edges - I've used some green here and there as I was thinking about the change from green to autumn colours in the landscape, but it must be in my colour mixing of glazes that give the greenish hue on those edges. Now, does this matter? This afternoon I was in the garden and picked some leaves that had turned red and they still had green in them and it wasn't anything to do with light and shadows. However, it's good to be reminded about it (and it's not the first time, having been pointed out by a mentor on another of my paintings some time ago). Doesn't mean I won't do it again, but hopefully will consider this when working.

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