Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Control over the material

has become my interest currently. Or rather, not having control. Over the last couple of weeks I've been exploring Paynes Gray paint in a variety of ways. It is a colour I did not like but have become more interested in, and my painting "Submission" was in Paynes Gray. This week I started working with sumi ink and really enjoyed the nature of the material compared to paint, and it got me thinking about chance in artmaking. Its not that I have huge control over my materials, I don't. But applying them can feel 'forced' at times, like a battle to win control, and it might be very nice to use a material in a way where I know I cannot control the outcome so much. That's my quest at the moment. I will post a couple of photos but they won't make sense most likely. Top photo sumi ink, the others playing with PG.

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Anonymous said...

Extremely Effective Colour for Monotone. See you Friday hopefully. Love Barbi
P.s. Just watched Seraphine on Tele on Rialto. Inspirational Movie. My bet is that you've already seen it.