Sunday, July 25, 2010


Is something that happens all over the world. Google it. Well I've discovered it even happens in New Zealand. I happened to be in Wellington for the last session of Dr Sketchy, at the Mighty Mighty bar in Cuba Street, big crowd, the models dressed in fluro leotards, animal prints, glitter & sequins, hair teased up big. Fabulous music, nice drinks, great atmosphere. Some rough sketches attached. Then I found there was one in Auckland & I went to the Cassette Number Nine bar in Vulcan Lane. Theme was early sixties, dresses, shoes, hair & makeup in theme. Last pose was one man in a suit & overcoat holding a paperbag, with two girls standing behind him, one about to choke him with something. I drew more of a cartoon style, won a "Buddy Christ" from the movie Dogma for that one, & gave the sketch to the main model. The person running it was fantastic, talked up a scene, even gave us a title for each drawing. Now I discover there is a Dr Sketchy in Hamilton, another nearby town.

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