Saturday, May 15, 2010

Life drawing 12 May

After a quick warmup sketch I offered a few exercises to the group to try - these are a few of my sketches from the evening. The first is a series of 15 second gesture drawings, all same page. The next was my last sketch of the night, just couldn't catch that pose so quick sketches of some of the people there. The next one down was a 5-7 minute drawiing where you keep your eye on the model & don't look at the page at all AND not lift the charcoal from the page. I tried it twice, so one drawing on top of another. The next was 5-7 minutes not lifting charcoal from page but allowed to look at paper sometimes while drawing, looking at edges. The last sketch was using opposite hand from usual, 5-7 minutes.

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Frank Zweegers said...

The first drawing drew my attention the most. Only few lines but there is much going on.