Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mixed Media drawing

Acrylic and oil paints, and charcoal pencil on 50% cotton rag paper.
"Dark Legend". The oil paint was accidental. I thought I'd picked up watercolour. But it was a happy accident, though I had to deal with the brush straight away. Was aiming to put a black wash over part of the base, there are several layers of acrylic wash. Ended up brushing over the oil paint and using it to add texture.

Another character from my stories.


Lyn Rasmussen said...

Sandra - your work is so beautifully haunting. I just love your art.

I still want my little piece so I hope you're saving it for when we connect again!

Joy Logan said...

came by to say hi the mixed medium pieces on the side bar!!! all your work is wonderful!