Thursday, April 05, 2007

Time flies

I've been playing around with ideas after starting a word art project. The ideas I started out with were very literal (the people falling into the book in a previous post ...). So I've tried to leave the words out and just create images. These are two acrylic and mixed media works on canvas (20cm x 40cm). The green one is called "Time Flies in through the Window" and the other one "Time Flies".
Time Flies in through the Window is sold.


Anonymous said...

Wow - Time flies in through the window is just stunning. Both good, but for me that is a stand out image. Lovely lovely work.
Your mixed media work ROCKS :-)

Anonymous said...

Jeez, what I've been missing!
They are beautiful!
I especially love 'Time flies in through a window'... You really are good my friend. Very, very good.

Denise said...

Stunning!!! Love the depth and colours. So rich.